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Real Life

Photo Academy

Launching 2021

Real Life Photo Academy is a business and creative mentorship for photographers wanting to take the leap into the documentary family photography genre

Created by two leading UK documentary family photographers, Emma Collins and Antonina Mamzenko, Real Life Photo Academy is a new learning experience designed specifically for UK and European photographers wanting to succeed in this genre creatively and build a solid business foundation for long-term success.

It’s ideal for documentary photographers wanting to deepen their creative knowledge and create a profitable business, as well as lifestyle photographers tired of telling people what to do and wanting to spread their wings and push their boundaries by switching to a more documentary way of shooting.

This intensive mentorship is launching in 2021 and will allow you to:


  • Improve your photography skills and allow you to feel confident in many different scenarios that documentary family photography can throw at you
  • Develop a portfolio that sets you apart from your competition – and makes clients want to work with you specifically
  • Create a clear business, marketing and pricing strategy and gain confidence to take your business to the next level
  • Evolve in to a more confident photographer with a strong and unique visual voice.

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Your instructors

Emma Collins

From humble beginnings of wrapping newborn babies back in 2010, to having a successful lifestyle business, Emma has become one of the leading documentary family photographers in the UK and has won several Documentary Family Photography awards, including Best Overall and Environmental Portrait categories twice in a row. Her heart has been won by the powerful stories that documenting family life offers, showing families that life doesn’t have to be manicured, that what they have together is their perfect. She is passionate about spreading this message, raising the profile of the genre and teaching photographers how to elevate their images to create art from the everyday chaos.

Antonina Mamzenko

Antonina is a recovering lawyer who moved from Russia to the UK in search of an adventure and found her home. She started her lifestyle family photography business back in 2009 and after getting tired of telling people what to wear and where to sit, transitioned to a more documentary approach in 2015. Over the past 10 years she has become one of the leading UK family photographers working with clients from all over the globe. Her superpower is documentary portraiture and capturing authentic moments of humour and connection. An introvert to the core, she is passionate about teaching photographers how they can run a profitable photography business while playing to their unique strengths – and without burning out.